Care and Keeping of Domestic Yak

Care and Keeping of Domestic Yak For those wishing to keep some more unusual animals on their land, the Yak could be the animal for you. Yaks have a striking appearance, with shoulders like that of a buffalo and large horns. They have long hair that reaches below the stomach and can have various colours. […]

What does the Yak eat?

From wild yaks (Bos mutus) to the domesticated yaks (Bos Grunniens), Yaks are strong and well built animals. It is closely related o the bison and the buffalo and their bodies are made to have them adapted to cold regions. These include lungs with larger capacities as compared to most animals in the species and […]

Relationship between Yak and Humans

Yaks have been living with people for thousands of years. Yaks are found in the Himalaya region of central Asia, in The Tibetan Plateau, Mongolia and in Russia. Most yaks are domesticated. However, there are some Yaks that live in the wild. Yaks are not the most beautiful animals. However, they are no doubt among […]

Biology of the Yak

Yak is a vulnerable, rare and very mysterious animal. It is a herd animal usually found in herds of 10 to 1000 yaks. Yak is a Bovid. Bovid refers to animals that fall under the biological category of animals called Bovidae. Bovidaes are ruminants which include Water buffalo, African buffalo, Bison, domestic cattle, sheeps and […]

Where do Yak Live?

Due to their unique physiology of having extra large lungs and hearts than their cattle cousins, Yaks are naturally better suited to existing at higher altitudes. It comes as no surprise then that most wild Yaks live in the most mountainous regions of countries such as Tibet, Mongolia and China. While historically Yaks have been […]