Relationship between Yak and Humans

Yaks have been living with people for thousands of years. Yaks are found in the Himalaya region of central Asia, in The Tibetan Plateau, Mongolia and in Russia. Most yaks are domesticated. However, there are some Yaks that live in the wild. Yaks are not the most beautiful animals. However, they are no doubt among the most beloved animals by the people who keep them. This is because these animals help humans in so many ways. The yaks are well adapted to cold environments. They are very intelligent and docile. Yaks love to be in herds. In the wild, a herd can have several hundred individuals. Typically, a herd has a high number of females and the young ones and a few adult males. The remaining males are either found in smaller groups or are in solitary. Domestic yaks are not uncomfortable around humans. However, the wild Yaks can be very uncomfortable when humans are around them. They tend to avoid humans or they flee when they notice human approach.

The physical characteristics of Yak

Yaks are large animals. They have a bulky frame and sturdy legs. The domesticated yaks have variable colors. The wild yaks on the other hand are usually blackish to brow in coloration. They have horns that protrude from the side of their heads and curve forwards. The horns on the males are larger than the horns on the females. They have short necks and pronounced humps over their shoulders. These animals are very friendly in nature and can easily be trained. They are rarely aggressive towards human beings. They all have a dense woolly coat covering that helps to protect them from cold.

Domesticated Yaks

Yak have been kept by people for thousands of years for their fiber, meat, milk and as beasts of burden. The Tibet people have also been using their dropping as fuel. Yaks transport goods for local farmers in the mountainous regions of South and central Asia as well. These animals get most of their food from grazing. They do not eat grains. This explain why they cannot be used for long journeys across barren regions. They can easily starve if they are not brought to places where there is plenty of grass. The yaks have also been used by humans for a long time to pull ploughs. In some part of Asia, Yak racing has been a popular form of entertainment in traditional festivals. In the recent times, sports involving the yaks has been marketed as an attraction for tourists by countries in central Asia.

The importance of Yak

The yaks have been very important to humans. They have a had a symbolic relationship with the Tibetans. They have been an important source of cheese, butter and milk to the Tibetans. These animals have also been playing an important role in transportation. The people in the central and southern parts of Asia place a high value on their protection and preservation. The Tibetans believe that they would not exist without these animals. When the yaks die, they use their bones to make jewelry.

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